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1 All American Property Management Lease Agreement

I.  THIS LEASE AGREEMENT:  made this ________ day of                                          ,          , by and between

1 ALL AMERICAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT,  Hereinafter collectively referred to as: Landlord, and

Hereinafter collectively referred to as, Tenant. Landlord and Tenant hereby jointly and severally agree as follows:

II.  DESCRIPTION AND TERM:  Landlord does hereby rent to Tenant, and Tenant does hereby lease from Landlord, in “as is” condition and no exceptions shall be made verbally or otherwise except if it is made in writing, all that improved real property except garage, attic, detached buildings or any room in basement used for storage by Landlord, having an address of:                        , Frostburg, MD 21532

For the term beginning on the sunday prior to school starting in August,     , and ending on the graduation day in May        , for the sum of  $                , payable in Two Equal Installments $           . The first installment is due on the 1stday of June,        , the second installment is due on the 1st day of December,        . A holding fee of  $             shall be paid at the time of signing this Lease Agreement. After the Lease Agreement has been executed by tenant by taking possession of said premises the holding fee is converted to Security Deposit and both Landlord and Tenant agree this serves as written receipt for Security Deposit. If you are accepting financial aid, a post dated check with a letter from the financial aid office by the dates listed above. Any payment which is more than five (5) days late will incur a late charge of five percent (5%) of total amount due per installment period, which shall be paid in addition to the amount then due. Post dated checks not received by August 15 or December 1 will be considered late. Rent checks that are post dated MUST be at the office by the above listed dates.

It is expressly understood and agreed that this Lease Agreement shall be between Landlord and each signatory individually and severally, and that in the event of default by any one signatory, every remaining signatory shall be responsible for timely payment of the rent and all provisions of this Lease Agreement. Notwithstanding this provision, it is further agreed that in the event one or more of the tenants shall renege on this Lease Agreement by reason of health, dismissal from the University or other reason, they will remain financially responsible under the terms of this Lease Agreement. If such Tenant can find a suitable replacement, or if Landlord is able to find a replacement, Landlord may accept the new Tenant and release the original Tenant from further financial responsibility. Should Tenant remain in possession of the leased property with the consent of Landlord after the natural expiration of this Agreement, a new tenancy from month to month shall be created between Landlord and Tenant, which shall be subject to all the terms and conditions hereof except that the rent can be increased in an amount to be determined by Landlord.

III. ALLOCATION OF PAYMENTS MADE BY TENANT: All payments made by Tenant to Landlord shall be applied as follows: first, to any late charges due and owing; second, to any and all Court costs due, attorney’s fees with a minimum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00) and any additional amount charged arising out of a summary suit for rent; third, to any and all costs, deposits or charges which are the obligation of Tenant as stated in other sections of this Lease Agreement; fourth, to pay any past due rents or debts arising out of this Lease Agreement; and fifth, to any currently due rent.

IV. PARTIAL RENT PAYMENT:It is agreed that the acceptance by Landlord of less than the full amount of rent due shall not serve to prevent Landlord from filing a summary ejection action for any balance still due and owing. Any remaining balance shall be subject to a late fee.

V. SECURITY DEPOSIT:  In addition to the payment of the first installment of rent, Tenant does upon execution hereof deposit the sum of   $             , After the Lease Agreement has been executed by tenant by taking possession of said premises the holding fee is converted to Security Deposit and both Landlord and Tenant agree this serves as written receipt for Security Deposit. Which security deposit shall be held as security by Landlord for the full and complete performance by Tenant of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease, and shall be applied at the expiration of the term hereof, or any extensions or renewal, if any, on account of any damage to the premises, common areas, major appliances and furnishings by Tenant, Tenant’s servants, licensees or visitors in excess of ordinary wear and tear. In the event Tenant shall have fully and completely performed all obligations under this Lease at the termination hereof, said security deposit shall be refunded to Tenant within forty-five (45) days after the termination of this Lease in accordance with the terms hereof, together with simple interest, which shall have accrued in the amount of three percent (3%) per annum from the date of execution hereof. Tenants have the right to have the dwelling inspected by the Landlord in the Tenant’s presence for the purpose of making a written list of damages that exist at the commencement of the tenancy if the Tenant so requests by certified mail within fifteen (15) days of the Tenant’s occupancy. The Tenants have the right to be present when the Landlord inspects the premises at the end of the tenancy in order to determine if any damage was done to premises, if the Tenant notifies the Landlord by certified mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of Tenant’s intention to move, the date of moving and the Tenant’s new address. It is the Landlord’s obligation to conduct the inspection within five (5) days before or after the tenant’s stated date of intended moving, and shall notify the tenant in writing of the date of inspection. It is the obligation of the Landlord to return any unused portion of the deposit, together with a written list of the charges against the security deposit claimed by the Landlord and the actual costs, by first class mail, addressed to the Tenant’s last known address within forty-five (45) days after the termination of the tenancy. Failure of the Landlord to comply with the security deposit law may result in the Landlord being liable to the Tenant for a penalty of up to three (3) times the security deposit withheld, plus reasonable attorney’s fees. Landlord shall retain a copy of the receipt for two years after termination, abandonment of premises, or eviction of Tenant. Landlord shall be liable to the Tenant in the sum of Twenty-Five ($25.00) dollars if the Landlord fails to provide a written receipt for security deposit. IN NO EVENT MAY TENANT APPLY SAID SECURITY DEPOSIT OR PART THEREOF TOWARDS ANY MONTH’S RENT.

VI. MOVE IN CHECK LIST: A move in check list is being provided. The Landlord has already done a pre-move in inspection of the property and any concerns have been noted. Please walk through your unit and note any damage. Any damage not noted on pre-check in list by the Landlord or Tenant on the day of move-in before personal belongings are moved in will be the responsibility of the Tenant(s). This check list is intended to record the condition of the property upon move in. It does not in any way obligate the Landlord to make any repairs. The Landlord will repair any major issues that are a safety or health concern for the Tenants. The Landlord will make the determination whether a repair is safety, health or major issue.

VII. EQUIPMENT: The premises are furnished by Landlord as a courtesy only and does not guarantee the conditions, with the following: refrigerator, cooking stove, clothes washer, clothes dryer . Tenant agrees to use and maintain such equipment and plumbing fixtures of Landlord now or hereafter provided, and to be responsible for the cost of all repairs, this includes but not limited to, light bulbs, screens and any damage to said items or premises.

At the bottom of each page is an initial line, each person signing this lease agreement must initial each page. By initialing you have acknowledge you have read and understand each page and that all question concerning this lease agreement have been answered.

Tenant:  ____________           Landlord/Agent:  _____________ 

VIII. UTILITIES:  Tenant shall be responsible for and shall pay for all utilities; electricity, city utilities (including surcharges), telephone, satellite equipment rental or cable TV and wireless internet. Except water is included.

IX. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: Tenant agrees to comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, requirements and directives of the City of Frostburg and the office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal and Tenant gives Landlord and/or Agent permission to release personal information to the above Agencies if Tenant does not comply with said laws, ordinances, rules, requirements and directives. Tenant shall keep fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in the installed location and shall not make any modification, which would prevent proper operation of the same. Tenant shall use the off-street parking provided. The maximum number of tenants allowed in the demised premises at any one time shall be     . Tenant shall be responsible for the payment of penalties resulting from citations issued by the City of Frostburg or by the Office of Maryland State Fire Marshal due to any act or neglect of Tenant, his servants, licensees, invitees or visitors, or other occupants of the demised premises. Should the above happen on more than one occasion, or City Police be called on more than one occasion, and citations result, this will be construed as a material breach of this Lease Agreement and will result in immediate termination of such Lease, and Tenant must vacate the premises immediately. It is mutually agreed between the parties hereto that Landlord shall not be liable for any damage of whatsoever kind caused by any changes in the laws or regulations promulgated by the City of Frostburg with regard to rental property.

X. NOTICES: All notices required to be given by Landlord to Tenant shall be sufficiently given by first class mail or posted at the premises or by E-mail and E-mail will be the preferred method for sending notices and copies of bills, so be sure to check your e-mail. If there are two or more undersigned as Tenant, then any notice given by Landlord to one shall constitute notice to all. Notice given by Tenant to Landlord shall be given by certified mail, return receipt requested at 177 E. MAIN ST.FROSTBURG MD 21532       Phone No. 301 689-3536.

XI. BAD CHECKS: If a check is accepted by Landlord from Tenant, it is purely as an accommodation to Tenant and a processing fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) will be required. If the bank dishonors the check, Tenant agrees to pay a charge of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) to Landlord to offset the administrative costs incurred by Landlord. Tenant shall additionally be responsible for all bank charges. Such charge shall constitute additional rent.

XII. OCCUPANCY AND USE:  The premises shall be used solely for residential purposes for Tenant and for no others except with written consent of Landlord. Tenant agrees not to use or permit the use of the premises for unlawful or immoral purposes. Tenant agrees to keep the premises clean and in good order. If Tenant fails to do so the Landlord is authorized to perform the necessary cleaning and/or contract the cleaning out and the Tenant will be charged for any cleaning and the Tenant agrees to be responsible for any cleaning bill. Tenant agrees not to hamper, disturb or interfere with other Tenants in the building, nor to create or suffer any nuisances in the premises affecting the rights of others. Upon termination of this Lease, or any renewal thereof, Tenant agrees to surrender possession in as good condition and repair as when received, ordinary wear and tear accepted. Absolutely no smoking anywhere inside the building, sand buckets are located outside.

XIII. QUIET ENJOYMENT: In the event that Tenant shall pay the rent as provided for herein and otherwise perform all of the covenants and conditions to be performed, and shall abide by all of the rules and regulations as set forth herein, Tenant shall have peaceful and quiet enjoyment of all the demised premises for the term of this Lease.

XIV. TRASH, GARBAGE AND CLEANING: No trash or garbage receptacles are to be stored in common hallways or porches prior to pickup. Garbage must be placed in waterproof bags and tied and put out for collection twice a week. Garbage shall not be put out any sooner than 8:00 P.M. on the evening proceeding the day of collection. Tenant will be responsible for cleaning up and disposing of any garbage on the street caused by ruptured bags, regardless of cause or reason for such rupture. This includes all walkways, yards or other areas regardless of why or how the trash got there. Failure to comply with this paragraph or any other part this Lease Agreement or other written agreements made a part of this agreement will construe a breach of this Lease Agreement. If Tenant fails to do so the Landlord is authorized to perform the necessary cleaning and/or contract the cleaning out and the Tenant will be charged for any cleaning and the Tenant agrees to be responsible for any cleaning bill.

XV. TENANT’S OBLIGATIONS TO PROPERTY: tenant agrees to keep property in a clean, safe and sanitary condition and not to alter, change, damage or remove any part of the premises, which includes but not limited to wall, ceilings, floors, paint, paper, plumbing, heating, electrical, glass, doors, hardware and fixtures, or install major appliances in the premises without the prior written consent of Landlord. Tenant shall give Landlord prompt notice (within 24 hours) of any defect in or accident involving the water or steam pipes, the electrical system, heating apparatus, smoke detection systems or any other part of the said premises, in order that the same may be repaired with due diligence. Tenant agrees to keep the entire dwelling unit and basement, yards, porches, fire escape, steps, walks and sidewalks clean and to keep all walks, sidewalks, porches and exterior steps clear of snow and ice. Further, the City requires that walks be shoveled after every snow, and the City for negligence can fine Tenant. Tenant must continually occupy premises and keep premises heated to a minimum temperature of Sixty Five degrees (65°) Fahrenheit during freezing weather by using the heating equipment on the premises and not by using appliances. Tenant agrees to pay for repairing any damage to the building or equipment therein, including burst water pipes or other water facilities, caused by freezing resulting from the negligence or willful act of Tenant. Tenant agrees to pay for the replacement of all broken or cracked window glass or other glass, regardless of the nature or cause of breakage. All Work or repairs are to be done by a Maryland Licensed person in the particular field or by Landlord only.

XVI. PLUMBING: Tenant agrees to pay costs incurred for plumbing services which are caused by or neglect of Tenant, his servants, licensees, invitees or visitors, or other occupants of the premises, which shall include clogged pipes and drains as a result of improper disposal of cooking grease, food, sanitary products and other foreign objects. Work or repairs are to be done by a Maryland Licensed person in the particular field or by Landlord only.

XVII. DAMAGE TO PREMISES: Tenant shall be responsible for the cost of repairs to the leased premises and fixtures belonging thereto whenever they have been damaged by misuse, negligence or neglect of Tenant, his servants, licensees, invitees or visitors, which said cost shall be construed as additional rent, and shall be payable on demand. It is mutually agreed between the parties hereto that Landlord shall not be liable for any damage of whatsoever kind, or by whomsoever caused, to the person or property of Tenant or to anyone on or about the premises by consent of Tenant, and Tenant agrees to hold Landlord harmless against all such damage claims.

XVIII. UNINHABITABILITY: If the demised premises become uninhabitable due to fire, mechanical breakdown or other reason not due to Tenant’s negligence or willful act or that of Tenant’s servants, licensees, invitees or visitors, Landlord shall promptly rebuild or repair the premises and rent shall abate for the period of time the premises were not habitable. Should Landlord decide not to rebuild, this Lease shall end and the rent shall be prorated up to the time of damage.

XIX. RENTAL APPLICATION: Tenant agrees that all information supplied in the rental application which is made a part of this Lease Agreement is true and correct, and in the event any information is not complete and true in every respect, Landlord shall be entitled to possession of the property pursuant to law, and Tenant shall be liable for all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in connection therewith. A $60.00 per person nonrefundable processing fee shall be paid at the signing of the Lease Agreement.

Tenant: _____ _____          Landlord: _____ _____

XX. CHARGES AGAINST TENANT TREATED AS RENT: Whenever this Agreement provides for additional rent or a charge against Tenant, for any reason so stated in this Agreement, or requires Tenant to be responsible for payment of a bill, and in the event Tenant shall fail to pay such additional rent, charges or payment, then the amount thereof, at the discretion of Landlord, and without further notice to Tenant, shall be added to and classed as part of the rent due and payable upon demand without setoff or deduction. Landlord shall have the same remedies for the collection of such additional rent, charges or payments as he has the rent.

XXI. LOCKS: Tenant shall not alter or add any lock or lock cylinder in any door without the written consent of Landlord. The Landlord may retain a passkey to the premises. Tenant shall not tamper with or allow anyone including but not limited to Lock Smiths, tamper with any locks of any kind that Land Lord places on doors or windows to secure the premise or a room. Tenant agrees that all locks throughout the premises have been examined and Tenant is satisfied that the same are suitable and in good working order so as to afford a reasonable degree of safety and security. If locks must be changed the Tenant(s) agree to pay all cost or if a Tenant is locked out there will be a $25.00 service charge. If it is after hours or the weekend, the service charge will be $50.00 (normal hours or 9am to 5pm M-Th & F 9am to 3pm Closed Sat & Sun). If any keys are not returned at checkout or expiration of Lease whichever is sooner there will be a $75.00 fee for each lock that has to be changed.

XXII. LANDLORD’S RIGHT OF ENTRY: Landlord or Landlord’s agents shall have the right to enter the leased premises at reasonable hours, with reasonable notice, by use of a key or by force if necessary, to examine the same, to enforce any provision of this Lease Agreement, or to make such repairs as may be deemed necessary. Landlord will make routine repairs and prevented maintenance during winter break as deemed necessary by Land Lord during reasonable hours and this paragraph shall serve as notice. In the event Tenant shall not contract to lease the premises for the next academic year prior to December 1st, Tenant shall allow the premises to be shown during winter break and the spring semester to applicants desiring to hire during reasonable hours and this paragraph shall serve as notice. If the Landlord believes any part of this Lease Agreement is being violated, the Landlord may during reasonable hours inter the premises without notice to verify any suspicion of a breach of the Lease Agreement.

XXIII. PETS NOT ALLOWED:  Tenant agrees not to keep or harbor pets or animals of any kind in or on the premises. Tenant agrees not to permit the pets or animals of his servants, licensees, invitees or visitors on the premises. Damage to the premises, furniture or carpeting, to include stains and odors caused by an animal, shall not be considered ordinary wear and tear. Landlord or Landlord’s agent shall have the right to remove the animal or animals from the demised premises, and Tenant shall be liable for payment of a Fee of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00) per day until the animal or animals are removed, in addition to all reasonable cost incurred due to removal, repair of damages and replacement or cleaning of furniture and carpeting.

XXIV. INSURANCE IMPAIRMENT:  Tenant shall not do, nor suffer to be done, nor keep on the premises, anything which shall affect the fire insurance upon the premises or its contents, or which shall conflict with any State or City ordinance or other regulation. Tenant shall indemnify and hold harmless Landlord for all expenses (including attorney’s fees), liabilities, damages, losses, settlement payments or fines incurred by Landlord arising out of or in connection with a breach of, violation of, or nonperformance under this Lease by Tenant or Tenant’s servants, licensees, invitees or visitors, or arising out of or in connection with Tenant’s use or occupancy of the premises.

XXV. TENANT’S PROPERTY:  Tenant shall be responsible for insurance on Tenant’s own property and possessions. If, upon the termination of this Lease or abandonment of the premises by Tenant, Tenant abandons or leaves any property in or on the premises, Landlord shall have the right, without notice to Tenant, to store or otherwise dispose of the property at Tenant’s cost and expense, without being liable in any respect to Tenant. Any such abandoned personal property shall become the property of Landlord.

XXVI. ABANDONMENT: If Tenant shall abandon the leased premises, or quit and vacate the leased premises, voluntarily or involuntarily, the same may be relet by Landlord for such rent and upon such terms as Landlord may deem reasonable and advantageous, and in the event of such reletting, Tenant shall be and remain liable for any deficiency in rent, any expenses incident to such reletting, and as well any damages which Landlord may have sustained by virtue of Tenant’s use and occupancy of the leased premises.

XXVII. GUESTS: Tenants are permitted a small number of guests not exceed any fire or other codes and laws or safety issues. Tenant agrees that no unauthorized occupant shall be permitted to reside or sleepover in the demised premises, which shall be defined as any person living in said premises or any guest sleeping over night who lives within a 20 mile radius of Frostburg without the express consent of Landlord or any guest from out of town staying more than three (3) nights in a two (2) month period excluding immediate family living more than one hundred  miles (100) away and then it is limited to seven nights (7) in a two (2) month period. PARTIES WITH ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR CONTROLLED DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES ARE PROHIBITED:

XXVIII. CLEANLINESS: The Tenant is responsible to maintain the property in a clean and orderly manner inside and out. If Tenant fails to do so the Landlord is authorized to perform the necessary cleaning and/or contract the cleaning out and the Tenant will be charged for any cleaning and the Tenant agrees to be responsible for any cleaning bill. The carpets are steamed cleaned prior to move in and the Tenant is also responsible for having the carpet professionally cleaned upon move out. If Tenant does present receipt of said carpet cleaning, then Tenant agrees Landlord may clean them and charge the Tenant.

XXIX. Common Areas: This Lease Agreement is for one private bed room and shared use of the common areas of the premise between the Tenant and other authorized Tenants. The shared common areas are the responsibility of all the Tenants and the maintenance and cleaning of the common areas are the responsibility of all the Tenants. The shared common areas include but not limited to: kitchen, bathroom(s), living room, laundry area, yard, and parking area.

XXX. ADDITIONAL ADDENDUMS: This Lease Agreement contains the following additional addendums that are in full force and affect with this Lease Agreement: Application, Maintenance, 1AAPM Policy, Fee List and Walk through Check list.

XXXI. PROHIBITTED ACTS AND CARE OF PREMISES:  No portable swimming pools, playground equipment, air conditioners, electric heaters, refrigerators, waterbeds, washing machines, or outside television or radio aerials or any other apparatus designed to receive electronic signals will be installed without the written consent of Landlord, nor shall tenant overload the electric system. Nothing shall be attached to the roof or walls, which could cause damage. Tenant shall not obstruct the sidewalks, fire escapes, entries, steps, elevators, stairways or landings, shall not violate any law in using the property, shall comply with all health, housing and fire and police regulations, and shall not store or permit the storage of any gasoline, kerosene or other flammable liquids or substances in the premises, common hallways, basements or other storage areas. The use of kerosene heaters is forbidden. Tenant may not disconnect or remove the refrigerator or range, if supplied by Landlord, without the prior written consent of Landlord. Tenant agrees not to violate any law in using the property, and further agrees to comply with all health, housing, fire, and police regulations. Absolutely no one is allowed on the roof for any reason, a $100.00 charge will be charged to Tenants for each person found or seen on any part of the roof.

Tenant: _____ _____          Landlord: _____ _____

XXXII. NOISE AND BEHAVIOR:  Tenant shall permit no disturbing noises or conduct, and shall not knowingly permit to enter the premises or to remain therein any person of bad or loose character or of improper behavior, nor permit any illegal or immoral conduct or obstruct or interfere with the rights of other Tenants in any way or injure or annoy them at any time. Tenant shall allow no singing or musical instruments of any kind, including television, radio, stereo or other noisemaking devices, or other loud entertainment, at any time, if it shall disturb or annoy other occupants of the building or of neighboring properties. Tenant shall not permit climbing, sitting or otherwise being on or putting anything on the roofs of premises. If Landlord shall at any time deem the tenancy of tenant undesirable by reason of objectionable or improper conduct on the part of Tenant, Landlord shall have the right to terminate this Lease by giving Tenant thirty (30) days written notice.

XXXIII. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: tenant assumes all risk of any damage to person or property that may occur by reason of water or the bursting or leaking of any pipes or waste about said premises or from any act of negligence of any other Tenants or occupants of the building or of any other person or fire or hurricane or other act of God or from any cause whatsoever, provided that Landlord shall make necessary repairs to prevent further damage with reasonable diligence after notice is given to Landlord, and Tenant agrees to give Landlord prompt written notice of any accident or defect in the premises.

XXXIV. ASSIGNMENT: No assignment or sublease of the premises are permitted and shall not be binding upon Landlord without the written consent of Landlord.

XXXV. NOTICE OF MOVING: Tenant must give thirty (30) days notice prior to end of Lease and walk through, clean the property, including the refrigerator and range and other equipment, if supplied by Landlord, remove all trash, furniture and other belongings, secure the premises, and leave the same in good condition. Ordinary wear and tear excepted, and return keys to Landlord within twenty-four (24) hours of vacating.

XXXVI. ATTORNEY’S FEES: In the event of the employment of an attorney by the Landlord because of the violation of any term or provision of this Lease Agreement, the Tenant agrees to pay such attorney’s fee, a minion of Two Hundred & Fifty Dollars ($250.00).

XXXVII. LEAD PAINT: (If Premises was constructed prior to 1979, included proper notices and addendum. THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE.) Tenant acknowledges that Landlord has advised Tenant that Premises may contain lead-based paint. Tenant understands that eating or chewing paint; plaster or household dust that contains lead can result in lead poisoning, which can cause serious harm to unborn babies and children, especially those less than six years of age. Areas of particular concern are chipping, flaking, loose or peeling, plaster, wallpaper on doors, windows, woodwork and wood trim. Tenant agrees to immediately notify Landlord of any loose, peeling, flaking or chipping paint, wallpaper or cracked plaster, found either on the inside or outside of the Premises.

XXXVIII. WAIVING OF ONE BREACH NOT A GENERAL WAIVER: No waiver of any breach of the covenants, provisions or conditions contained in this Lease Agreement shall be construed as a waiver of the covenant itself or of any subsequent breach thereof; and if any breach shall occur and afterwards be compromised, settled or adjusted, this Lease shall continue in full force and effect as if no breach had occurred.

XXIX. ILLEGALITY-SEVERABILITY:  In the event any provision or provisions of this Lease Agreement shall be deemed by a court of competent jurisdiction to conflict with applicable law, such provision or provisions shall, at Landlord’s option, either be deemed modified to the extent necessary to comply with such law, or severed from this Lease Agreement and shall cease to be a part thereof. If such provision or provisions are so severed, the remainder of the Least Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

XXXX. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: Landlord has made no promises or representations, except those stated in this Lease Agreement, and it is agreed that this Lease Agreement and the agreements herein contained can be changed only in writing and signed by both Landlord and Tenant

XXXXI. GENDER: The use of the male gender shall include the female and vice-versa.



BY:_________________________________________(SEAL)  BY:__________________________________________(SEAL)
Landlord                                                                                               Landlord


BY:_________________________________________(SEAL)  BY:__________________________________________(SEAL)
Tenant                                                                                                   Tenant